Behind the Curtain


Author: Shannon Ainslie
Book #:
Genre: Contemporary|Fantasy|Adventure|Coming of Age
Words: 65277
Content Notes:
Publication Date: 5/17/2017

Fifteen-year-old Rowdy Harrison is sulky and withdrawn, living in a seemingly uneventful, insignificant Canadian town. He is about to uncover some surprising secrets that have been hiding right under his nose. Join Rowdy on his exciting adventure where he explores love, fantasy, and his own inner strength.

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Product Description

When hunger and loneliness lure sullen, teenaged Rowdy to the home of his strange granny, a mysterious old woman known as The Witch of West Hill, he begins to discover a myriad of fascinating magical spells and family secrets.

After two weeks of rigorous physical training under the guidance of a clever crow, Rowdy learns he has been chosen by the spirit world to embark on a dangerous journey to the heartland of the frozen world of Sionnin.

To complete his treacherous mission is to restore peace to Sionnin and break the spells that bind his family.

He doesn’t have to do it alone. He has the help of the crow, his courageous girlfriend, Jordyn, his scientific friend, Thomas, and his mysterious, powerful granny.

With his friends beside him, Rowdy must find the courage not only to fight for peace in Sionnin, but also to find peace within himself.


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