Where Hearts Run Wild


Author: Glen Olson
Book #:
Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Action & Adventure/General|YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Animals/Horses|YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Boys & Men 21st Century Setting, Action, Cowboys, Ghosts, Relationships, Scary
Words: 34721
Content Notes:
Publication Date: 12/13/2017

A rebellious teenager runs in the streets of Denver, defying the law as his life spirals downward into a dark and aimless path to nowhere.

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A cunning and wild horse gallops the Colorado open plains with the spirit of a storm. The wayward youth and the horse meet and recognize their likeness to one another. Magically an attraction is formed and the two venture into a world where reality rubs against their nature which can either result in success or failure – no middle ground, no compromises. The youth experiences a series of painful trials that twist and turn his life. The end result is a transformation into the light as he experiences a spiritual awakening in his darkest hours.


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