Author: Phony McFakename
Book #:
Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Horror|YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Humorous/General|YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural
Words: 100347
Content Notes:
Publication Date: 4/4/2017

Young zombie Henrika has had enough with life in her small zombie town. So she hitches a ride with a cute human boy to escape her overbearing mother and the chaos that’s rapidly consuming her town. They have an adventure, but with potentially catastrophic consequences for humankind and zombiekind alike.

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Henrika is just your normal zombie teen, living in a secluded West Virginia town where the water is green and the food is human and willing to be eaten. But then Henrika discovers there’s a whole human world beyond her zombie town, and a new human boy in town might be the key to getting her out there. But things go very wrong. Not only does her zombie mother disapprove, but her town also burns to the ground. The zombie citizens’ darkest secrets come to the surface, threatening to spill over and infect the rest of humanity. And the human food supply decides it’s fed up with being fed on and threatens to go on a feeding strike. Henrika escapes amid the chaos and uses her human boy as a tour guide in our nation’s capital. But her mother isn’t about to let her daughter go. One false zombie move in the human world might bring about catastrophe for everyone, both zombie and human.


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