Ideal Faith


Author: Lynn Marie Spinks
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Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION/General|YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Family/General|YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Religious/Christian/General|YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Romance/Contemporary
Words: 74659
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Publication Date: 10/26/2016

Ava Coddington has no one left. Her parents drowned and she’s been moved to a town she has no connection to—but there is a highlight. Studious Ava has her breath taken away by Colton Rhodes, a boy who also finds a way to take her mind off everything else.

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Saying that life will never be the same is a bit of an understatement. Ava Coddington’s parents drowned, leaving her under the guardianship of an aunt and uncle she hasn’t seen for years—in a town so waterlogged it could be run by fish. Worse yet, her new hometown of Ideal, Wisconsin, has placed her smack dab in the middle of a social hierarchy she can’t even begin to understand. School cliques transfer to summer jobs, the A-list is somehow connected to a boy in thick-framed glasses, and Colton, the most popular boy in school, is hiding a world of pain and secrets of his own. For the first time since the accident, his pain stirs something within Ava. She’s committed to helping ease the hurt from his face, even if she can’t handle her own.

To get through this part of her life she’s going to need more than a shoulder to cry on, and lake-loving Colton might be the only person who can help her face her fears, find peace in herself, and maybe even reconcile with the big man upstairs.


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