Prisoner of the Crown


Author: Cheryl Oblon
Series: All the Queen's Heirs
Book #: 1
Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Dystopian|YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Fantasy/General|YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural|YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Royalty
Words: 89269
Content Notes:
Publication Date: 10/26/2016

When her mother is murdered, Kimess becomes the royal seer just before a critical treaty is negotiated. Confined to the queen’s castle, Kimess must prove her innocence, her loyalty, and her skills as seer or she might be more of a liability than an asset to the crown.

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Product Description

Previously published (2015) Self-published. Sixteen-year-old Lady Kimess is expected to one day inherit the role of Royal Seer. But when her mother dies under mysterious circumstances, Kimess steps up now. Untrained and ill-prepared, she doesn’t have a choice. Her remaining family’s safety, as well as her life, rests in the hands of the Queen of Lazrel. Kimess isn’t without allies—even royal ones. Both of the queen’s sons have shown support. If she’s not careful, a friendship with either prince could prove deadly.

Kimess’ telepathic and prophetic abilities are called into action when a delegation from the bordering empire arrives to renegotiate a treaty. Mistrust and rumors from every corner of the kingdom swirl around her. Under constant guard in the castle, the only way Kimess can keep her life and one day earn her freedom is by giving the queen everything she requires—no matter the risks.


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