Author: Frances Rose
Series: Branded By Angels
Book #: 1
Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Coming of Age|YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Fantasy/Dark Fantasy|YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Romance/Paranormal
Words: 46435
Content Notes:
Publication Date: 8/16/2017

Seventeen-year-old Patience McCormick’s life is a lie. Her boyfriend is a fraud, her best friend isn’t who she thought she was, and against her better judgement, she’s falling for new boy Gabe Lucas.

But loving Gabe comes with a price—one that will change her life forever.

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Product Description

Seventeen-year-old Patience McCormick’s life is on track for the good stuff: Cute guys, college, a chance to breathe outside the goldfish bowl of her small Southern hometown.

Then she meets Gabe Lucas, the broodingly handsome and mysterious new boy in school whose skin is stained with the same peculiar birthmark that blemishes her own skin, and who can speak to her without so much as a twitch of his perfect lips.

And the closer Patience gets to discovering the mystery that is Gabe Lucas, the closer she gets to a life she never had a choice in choosing.


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