Webster: The Unhinged Edition


Author: Anne Wentworth
Book #:
Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Fantasy/Contemporary|YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Romance/Paranormal|YOUNG ADULT FICTION/Social Themes/Friendship
Words: 58750
Content Notes:
Publication Date: 2/7/2017

Webster Harmon has the gift of seeing spirits. When the spirits lead him to disturbing information about the woman who runs the group home he lives in, Webster decides to break the rules and take a chance on finding a better life.

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Product Description

Previously published 2016 Kindle Select. Webster Harmon has a gift. When the veils come down, spirits show themselves, and he can communicate with them. Tandy, the woman who runs the group home where he lives, manages to find out about his gift and reports Webster as being mentally ill. As a result of this, Webster is sent to a psychiatric unit.

After being released, the only reason for returning to the group home instead of risking a life on the street, is Webster’s love for Beth, one of the other teens living in the group home. Beth is the one person who makes life with Tandy tolerable.

On his way back to Tandy’s, Webster meets Reggae. Reggae’s been living on the street since his uncle died, so Webster brings him along to see if he can stay at the group home. When Webster returns, he finds Beth terrified because Tandy wants to send her for a trial to live with a couple who may have less than honorable intentions.

With the help of his new friend Reggae, Webster is determined to keep Beth safe. When the spirits reveal Tandy’s secrets, Webster decides to make his move to get all three of them out of there and to a better life–even if it means using his gift to break the rules.


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